Pharmaceutical factory of St. Petersburg is one of the oldest manufacturing enterprises in this sphere. It was founded in 1937 in Leningrad, as second pharmaceutical factory named after D.M. Mendeleev. In the future it became Pharmaceutical Factory of St. Petersburg, was intended for providing people of Leningrad and its region with necessary drugs. With the beginning of the war, the enterprise had to deal with more responsible and difficult tasks.

During the World War the majority of pharmaceutical factories of Leningrad, Moscow and other cities were evacuated. The Second Pharmaceutical Factory remained in the city and continued to work. During the war the factory continued to produce necessary for life of millions people supplements and goods. The factory staff packed medicenal herbs and powders for the Front, for city inhabitants and for wounded men in hospitals. It made a big contribution to the Great Victory.

Three months before the end of the War a galenical production was started. Pharmaceutical medicines and drugs, produced from raw material of natural origin were manufactured then.

Tinctures, ointments and powders were produced by the Leningrad Galenical Factory and the range of products became bigger every year. At the end of 1950s ampoule production was launched. 

 In January 1970 the factory was renamed into State Enterprise “Pharmaceutical Factory”.

During its glorious history the factory provided inhabitants of the city and country with highly effective and affordable drugs. The product of the famous Leningrad Factory was considered as a standard for quality and has always been in great demand. Many popular and well known tinctures and medicines were developed and manufactured by our factory experts. 

Employees of the industrial factories from all over the country came to the Leningrad enterprise to adopt the best practices, to learn the principles of the pharmaceutical industry structure and scientific organization of labor. 

1994 the factory was privatized and became a join stock company. 

Since its foundation the company has been working in constant cooperation with the Leningrad Chemical-Pharmaceutical Institute (now the State Chemical and Pharmaceutical Academy of St. Petersburg). Today the Pharmaceutical Company of St. Petersburg is cooperating with such renowned scientific establishments, as: the State Institute of Pre-clinical and Clinical Drug Examination; with Institute of Human Brain RAS; Institute of Nutrition RAMS; SRI of Flu RAMS; SRI of Pulmonology Federal Medical and Biological Agency; Army Medical College of Defense Ministry of Russia named after S.M.Kirov; Russian R.R. Vredensky Research Institute Traumatology and Orthopaedics; SEI HPE Sankt-Petersburg State I. P. Pavlovsky Medical University and with many other big Russian and foreign medical and pharmaceutical establishments. This cooperation made it possible to gain a unique collection of scientific developments, knowledges and experience. It is this very experience, that helped the company to survive the difficult years of perestroika, to get on the innovative path of development and to successfully start the modernization of production and move on to the creation of pharmaceutical technology of  new age.