In our work we utilize only the latest research and achievements in such disciplines, as: chemistry, physics, pharmacology, medicine, biology and other related sciences. 

One of our objectives is to improve formula of our medicines and cosmetic products. We research different methods to increase its bioavailability and to achieve maximum therapeutical effect by employing the newest technologies, including nanotechnologies, by developing modern of delivery systems, by upgrading and modernization of equipment, and on implementing new programs. 

We proudly own 7 patents for inventions and 2 patents for useful models.

  • Patent #2125462 is "Tincture Avena Sativa L. of milky ripeness, medicines based on Avena Sativa L. and method of its obtaining". 
  • Our Euro-Asian patent #001076 is invention of "Tincture Avena Sativa L. of milky ripeness, medicines based on Avena Sativa L. and methods of its obtaining". 
  • Patent #2155061 was received for invention of Radioprotective preparations, general health-improving and anti-inflammatory medicines and methods of its obtaining". 
  • Patent #2163138 is our invention of "Tincture Echinacea purpurea L., medicine based on Echinacea purpurea L. and method of its obtaining". 
  • Patent #2166933 is invention of "Hygienic remedy for sweaty and odorous feet, preparative form of hygienic remedy and method of its obtaining". 
  • Patent #2264223 is an invention of "Dry laxative mixture, laxative remedy, preparative form of laxative dry mixture and method of laxative mixture preparation". 
  • Patent #2320360 is an invention "Method of obtaining of a preparation containing copper analogs of chlorophyll". 
  • Patent #75944 is a useful model "Aerosol form of medicine". 
  • Patent #108972 for useful model "Capsule Powder Inhaler".

Our factory conducted great research work during development of Galenophyllipt preparation. Main objective of this work was to develop technologies and methods of standardization of a new preparation similar to Сhlorophyllipt in its original components and pharmacological activity, but without such numerous disadvantages in its production, as: multiple production stages, big quantity of equipment, high energy consumption, effecting stability of biologically active substances  (BAS) heating, aeration during mixing and extraction, vacuum rundown (causing loss of flying substances), usage of highly inflammable and highly toxic benzene, unjustified usage of excess copper sulfate, and finally - absence of main ingredients identification and its quantities. 

To achieve our goal we conducted an experiment to rationalize technology of alcohol extraction from the leaves of Eucalyptus viminalis (EVL). This new technology allows us to increase output of BAS of the extract and rationality of EVL extract chlorophyll and pheophytines conversion into copper analogs of chlorophyll - copper pheophytinates (II). Through our experiments we were able to establish necessary quantity of coppering agent in copperization and optimal conditions for this reaction.

We conducted comparative estimation of photostability of EVL alcohol extract, Galenophyllipt, Chlorophyllipt and other related preparations, - to daylight and UV light.

We successfully developed methodology of standardization of EVL alcohol extract and Galenophyllipt using physico-chemical methods; conducted relative pharmacological and microbiological research of Galenophyllipt and Chlorophyllipt, and developed experimental-industrial regulations for Galenophyllipt production. The medicine is registered and its production has been launched. 

In the past years we have been following a new direction in scientific research work. Our teams have been developing and implementing into production medicines intended for treatment of bronchial asthma (BA) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Our professionals study wide range of problems related to inhalation methods of medicine delivery into patients' lungs.

НИОКР 1Aspects we work on:

development and refinement of inhalation devices intended for delivery of aerosol and powder medicines;

development of medicine formulation for inhalation delivery method;

study of how conditions of spraying affect form and size of active substance crystals (which play crucial role in potency of anti- asthmatic preparations);

study of how aiding substances affect aero-dynamic properties of preparations;

development of pilot equipment for production and experimental output of inhalation preparations;

study of possibilities for modification of powder (improvement of its flow, obtaining particles of programmed size, formation of particle conglomerates with programmed size and form).

The main requirement for inhalation preparations is an optimal combination of functional and ergonomical characteristics of delivery device and  aero-dynamic properties of preparation (which largely depend on its particles size). It has been proven that the optimal size of inhalation preparation particle is 1-3 μm - a so-called Fine Particle Size.

We base our development of inhalation devices for powder preparations on the latest scientific data in aero-dynamics. We carefully calculate and experimentally confirm form of air flow for better permeation of powder into patients lungs.

Tests conducted for these devices:

determination of specific resistance of the device at standard flow rate in several models;

НИОКР 2determination of delivered dose (DD) and fine particle dose (FPD) according to EP at standard flow rate  with different dosage plans and in different models;

determination of DD and FPD according to EP at varying flow and related humidity;

For aerosol preparations we evaluate influence of spray cap geometry, dosage valves and aerosol cans on creation of aerosol cloud for maximum delivery of therapeutical substance into patient's lungs.

To determine effectiveness of delivery device with specific therapeutical preparation, we use Anderson's cascade impactor, which allows to determine aero-dynamic distribution of preparation particles.

Data on aero-dynamic distribution of particles enable us to change geometry of delivery device, composition of therapeutical preparation (size and morphology of particles, ratio of solvent and evacuating gases). It allows us to significantly improve addressed delivery and effectiveness of therapeutical activity.

At the moment we are conducting research work on increasing quantity of active substance in delivered dose in comparison with foreign analogs. Our goal is to decrease  a number of admissions of therapeutical preparation without losses of its therapeutical effect.

We collaborate with the following Science-Research Institutes: Research Institute of Pulmonology, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation; Central Research Institute of Tuberculosis, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences; Saint Petersburg State Chemical Pharmaceutical Academy; Research Institute of Pulmonology, Saint Petersburg State Pavlov Medical University (SPSPMU); Federal State Institution of Science, "Institute of Toxicology", Federal Medical-Biological Agency; Research Institute of Influenza (RII), Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation; Sergei Kirov Military Medical Academy; Institute of Human Brain, Russian Academy of Sciences.

Also, we work with German, Finnish and British science Centers.

We take part in various Russian and Foreign conferences and seminars, and study latest research articles in Russian and foreign science literature.

Science and research activities are overseen by a Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences and a Doctor of Chemistry. Our factory employs candidates of pharmaceutical sciences, medicine; pharmacists, technicians, and chemists. Several of our employees are in the process of accomplishing their dissertation works. 

Our Main objective in science-research and experimental-constructional work is to create samples of products comparable with the best world's products which improve life quality of patients.