Smells bring health, inspiration and inner harmony. Their action can be exciting and refreshing, calming and relaxing. The full effect of healing fragrances could be experienced by using natural essential oils gamut GalenoPharm®, produced in the line «Aromacosmetics».

The term "aromatherapy" was proposed in 1928 by French chemist, Dr. Rene M. Gattefossom and means " using of smell as a remedy". In the broader sense aromatherapy means therapy method based on using natural essential oils, which are delivered to the body through the respiratory tract (inhalation) or through the skin (massage, bath, compress).

The theory of aroma therapy is based on the knowledge of the mechanism of smell influence on psychological and physical condition of person and the therapeutic effect of essential oils. Now there are two main action mechanisms of the aromatic substances in human.

The first mechanism of the influence is subcortical, inborn reflex and is caused by the influence of odorous substances on olfactory receptor cells in biologically active points of scroll-bone and nasal septum connected with areas of the brain - the olfactory analyzer, hypothalamus and limbic system.

These brain regions cooperate with other vital areas which regulate heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rhythm and other vital body functions. The olfactory reflex is specific to each fragrance and affects both psycho-emotional and physiological reactions. Each smell, especially of natural origin, is recognized by the presence of certain perceptive receptors in organism.

The second mechanism - associative. It is based on  memorizing, connecting (association) of individual odors with the certain objects, people, situations, experiences, circumstances, feelings, etc., and it mainly affects psycho-emotional sphere of a human.

Both mechanisms work when using natural origin oils there are both action mechanisms at the body. Synthetic odorous substances are only able to cause relevant associations, but the reflex mechanism in their action is absent.

The essential oils are mixtures of odorous volatile low molecular weight organic substances produced from leaves, flowers, fruits, roots and other parts of various plants by solvent extraction, extraction of raw materials,  distillation method, maceration or enfleurage.

The essential oils restore the general physiological body balance, using its own potential, have good tolerance and usually don’t cause toxic displays even after long usuage. The essential oils have ingredients, influencing on bio-chemical processes in the body which affects function of specific organs and systems. 

The line «AROMACOSMETICS» contains natural cosmetic products based on 100% natural essential and carrier oils. Vegetable oils of trademark GalenoPharm®, are taken as basis for the line «AROMACOSMETICS». They don’t have chemical copies of natural oils and are natural products. The components which safety and effectiveness have been proven, are allowed for the production of our cosmetics.  Production equipment and packaging materials meet the highest standards of quality. We fully control the quality of our products at all stages of its production cycle, using the latest analytical equipment.